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ultraofrah1 asked: Both Phoebus and John Smith formerly worked for the villain of the film, fell in love with a beautiful dark-skinned woman, were willing to risk their life to save others, got wounded by the villain, and were willing to be punished for insubordination. However, which one of the two men do you find the more interesting/favorable/preferable to you?

Excellent points!  I hadn’t ever considered the similarities between the two characters, but I suppose they really do have quite a bit in common.  As for most cases with Disney comparisons, it’s extremely difficult for me to choose between the two.  My first instinct is to say John Smith, though.  I can’t quite put my finger on why.  While I admire Phoebus’ humor, confidence, and kindness…something about John Smith’s curiosity and transformation from a prejudice soldier-type to an open minded peace maker intrigues me.  Again, that sounds pretty similar to Pheobus’ journey as well but my heart still says to go with John Smith.  Thanks so much for your question!  Does any one else have an opinion on the matter?


My other portrait for the Disney show at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. 


My other portrait for the Disney show at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. 

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Food will come, Remy. Food always comes to those who love to cook. 

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i think i just found my new favorite Twitter [x]

This is the best thing I have read 

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